1920’s Flapper Girl Bag

Flapper GirlI have decided to add some of my crafty creations to my blog.  I have discovered quite a few over the last couple of years and have had so much fun with them.  I have been very surprised at how many I have tried purely as one craft has led to another.  I am still learning these crafts and they are not perfect but I have really enjoyed creating something.  So first up is my 1920’s Flapper Girl bag.

Plain tote bags offer an easy way for you to create your very own, one-off bag for life.  The possibilities really are endless with them.  I have had a lot of fun creating different designs.  A tip I can offer is to use fabric paint and not markers for the bags, I know it may sound obvious but any other type of ink tends to bleed and you won’t get a clean line.  The fabric paint comes in pots that you can apply with a brush or in a very handy pen.

I used a template from the web and transferred it onto a plain bag.  I used fabric paint for the girl and her dress but then decided that I wanted to add some 3D elements.  I needle felted her hair, then used small beads to created her necklace and a fringe for the dress.  I made her a headband with a bead and, although you can’t see it very clearly in the picture, a feather.  I love the way this turned out, I think the little beads and the felting really bring it all out.

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