The Vegan experiment – Day 21



days really?

I originally thought that I would regret not doing this in stages, taking out one item at a time until I fully ‘turned’ to the green side (see what I did there :D), but I have to be honest I’m not at all. There were a few things like sausages and bacon that were always a go to for a quick meal before and the thought of veggie sausages and the tofu bacon didn’t really appeal. I have since tried the Linda McCartney sausages, which apparently are the holy grail of the veggie sausage world, and at first wasn’t sure about them, then I found myself craving them once I an out. I’m not that fussed about the bacon to be fair so haven’t tried that yet.
Like I think I’ve mentioned previously I’m not really looking to imitate more replace so I think that’s why.

I got round to trying lentils for a spaghetti Bolognese recipe I found and hated it so decided to try the soya mince and love it. I noticed that the Quorn one wasn’t vegan but to my surprise Tescos own brand was and is perfect, I highly recommend.
Food shopping wise I only really shop at Tesco for my main shop but have been extremely impressed with the offerings that they have, I’m sure others are just as good. As I have found recipes I’ve looked at some of the ingredients and thought I would have to find some back water internet site to find some of them but nope there they were, some a little pricey but you tend to find that they’ll last a while anyway.
I know I’m still sounding a little naïve and like I’ve just discovered the fire exists, but it’s a very daunting change to make and while you’re still learning it’s all very new and, thankfully, exciting.
As I’ve still not tried beans and such I’m kinda sticking to the same meals at the moment, but tweaking now and again. I’m guessing I’m going to get a bit more daring if I get bored.
I have a couple of cookbooks now so that might help with trying new things.

I’ve come across the term ‘accidentally vegan’ which I get the meaning but I’m not a big fan of it as it makes it sound like anything vegan is not right, but like I said I get what they mean. A couple of things I’ve come across that I’m so glad are vegan, Sainsburys (although I’m sure other brands are too but these are my fav), Bacon Rasher crisps and their Pretzels, which I’m pretty sure are any way due to what they are but you never know what they add to these things so give me a break.
These will both hopefully help me get over my sour cream and chives flavour Pringles addiction.cute-pig-text

As always if you find yourself reading this (and you’ve made it to the end :D), then don’t be shy, please leave any suggestions, ideas or advice. All appreciated.

*Mental Fist Bump*


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