The Vegan experiment – Day 4

I thought I would document how I’m finding things as I go on.

I know this is the very early stages and the ‘new car smell’ is still pretty strong, but so far I’m enjoying it.  Before I used to eat a lot of junk, even skipping meals when I couldn’t be bothered. I’m aware that many people think that you go hungry on a vegan diet and it is true that I am eating more meals, but I think it’s because of the type of food I’m eating.  It’s actually doing what food is supposed to do rather than just sit there, not that I know the first thing about nutrition but I’ll go with that 🙂frying

I’m enjoying being creative with my meals and thinking of different things to make to keep it interesting.  As it’s harder to grab food for lunch at work, I’m finding that I’m thinking more about what I can make on an evening so I have leftovers for the next day.  For me this is huge, as before I’d have ‘bad’ snacks to get me through lunch, these were things I have chosen (no I’m not going to say can’t, because I can) to no longer have so the only option is to actually have lunch.  This in itself is a change for the good.

I’m even loving the fact that I will fail at some meals and I’m not going to like everything, but am finding I’m more prepared to try.  I experimented with a couple of dishes that were OK but weren’t OK enough.  However instead of dumping the recipes I’m going to keep trying but tweak it for next time.

I was using a powdered vegetable stock that just happened to be vegan and we had in and I think that’s the problem.  So bring on the veg stock experiment hehe.

I baked a fruit cake that was delish!!!!  Phew!!  Can’t wait to try loads of baking recipes.

Overall I feel better in myself, not Julie Andrews on top of a mountain having a hissy fit about how alive the hills are with the sound of it’s playlist, but just in general.  I’ve even decided to visit a winter vegan food fest that is happening in my area (seems I timed it well).

This change wasn’t brought about by anything shocking, researched or the like, but I still feel like I have made the right choice.  Again I am aware this is early and could get very boring very quickly, but I have decided to embrace the happy and go with it.

If anyone reads this and has any advice please feel free, every bit helps.

Keep spreading the love peeps   😀








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3 Responses to The Vegan experiment – Day 4

  1. There are a lot of vegan cookbooks and recipes out there. Also look at vegetarian ones, and find the right substitutes – that opens up a lot of doors for ideas. OH – role up your sleeves and make a vegan pizza!!!! that is the best!

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    • angelasenior says:

      Thanks Robert, Funnily enough I was looking at vegan pizza recipes today 🙂

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      • Make a simple dough and a fresh tomatoes sauce – and go to town with any before toppings you want. You can’t go wrong with any combination. You can even use that fiery cheese. It’s a lot of fun and always delicious. And once you get comfortable enough making dough it becomes a quick and awesome meal.


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