And so the journey begins ……

journeySo today was my first tutorial for my Open University Degree in Classical Studies. I thought I’d put down the thoughts I’m having right now about it and see how they change as the course progresses (maybe so that I can look back when I’m tearing my hair out, and remember how enthusiastic I used to be). At the beginning of anything new there are the obvious feelings of nerves bundled up with excitement, but I am feeling very hopeful for this adventure. I’m looking forward to learning lots and, as this first module is a mish-mash of things to get our study skills going, learning to think differently and opening my mind up to new experiences and topics. I’ve never taken anything on as big as this is before (or at least as big as it feels to me), and I’m already pretty proud of myself for finally taking the plunge. I’ve wanted to do this for so long and to be actually doing it feels amazing. I can’t tell you how much I want to scream from the roof tops of how excited I am at this new world that I am exploring. I have had a great response from friends and family about what I’m doing which is great and extremely helpful, but I’m so proud that I took this step. This is obviously my journey and I am doing this solely for me and my own personal growth, so anything else that I get from it is a bonus. I am planning to make the most of it and fully absorb myself into the whole thing and hopefully learn other things as well as the topics. It’s only just really sunk in as to how big of a challenge this is actually going to be. The time and effort needed to complete this is going to be huge, but if I want it bad enough (which at the minute I do), then it’ll happen. There is sometime a danger of me thinking to myself that I wish I had done this years ago and that time has been wasted, but I don’t think that it has. If I was ready to do it years ago I would have, I feel that I am doing it now because I am ready to. So I’m hoping that if future me is having a hard time and feels a bit lost, I’ll remember to read this and remember that there was a reason to start this journey and there will be nothing but light at the end of this tunnel if I want there to be.

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  1. Go Angela! Woot woot! (does cheerleading moves in the kitchen, narrowly missing the cat, who is now hiding under the sofa…) You should be proud of yourself. 🙂

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