Music inspired Tote Bag

I will initially be posting a lot of craft pictures because I am uploading stuff I’ve done since I started my crafting obsession, so prepare to be inundated as I wanted each one to have its own post to explain my thoughts and the process.

I haven’t tried any other painting medium than watercolour so far, I like how you can manipulate the colours.  I tried to look at classes but unless you want to do life drawings or still life, there’s not that many options, so I decided that trial and error mixed with just keep going until I’m happy with it, is my personal way to go.  Saying that there are some great tutorials on the web which are more ‘do what I do’ rather than teaching, but I’ve had some success with them, other wise I have thought of a theme or something that I want to draw and copied an image from the web that I have liked.


So this is a painting I did.  I wanted to do a music inspired one, so found a picture of sheet music and another of a violin and decided to put them together.

I always try to make the background ‘washed out’ so that it not too distracting and solid.

I did this a while ago and once I had started messing around with tote bags, I wanted to see if I could transfer the image.

I used the iron on transfers, you can simply print from your computer and iron it onto the bag.  The area of the transfer is rigid and shiny but so far it’s the only way I know to do it.

This is the painting on a bag, (which I should have ironed better 🙂 ).  The idea was to then add some embroidery to bring out some of the details, but as the printed area was rigid it was harder to do.  ViolinI used some sparkly thread, that to be honest was also hard to work with.  Unfortunately you can’t really see the detailing on the photo, but I used stitched the edge of the violin, the notes and the strings of the bow and violin.  You can manipulate the image once it’s on your computer so you can always lighten it or darken it to your preference. It was a little lighter than I wanted, although the photo shows it lighter than it actually is, but overall I was pretty happy with the result, and it’s definitely a one-off.  I love the thought of using one craft to create another.


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