Vegan?? Really?????

OK so long time no write, mainly because I had nothing to write about to be honest, apart from passing my first year of my Open Uni course – woohoo!!

The latest, let’s be honest what could turn out to be a fad but let’s be positive and say, idea is to try out being a Vegan.  (Yes I am fully aware it doesn’t need a capital letter but I’m considering it a big deal so neh *sticks tongue out*)

im-veganSo yes I have decided to go vegan, I’m not expecting it to be easy as someone who would basically walk past a field full of cows and see burgers on legs.

So has this been a slow process or a sudden thing?  What brought it on? I hear you cry.

To be honest it wasn’t anything like suddenly seeing something that changed my mind or had a bad experience with anything.  I’ve recently been very wary of food and it always seems to be that we don’t know everything about the full process for our food.  We always seem to be hearing about one dodgy scandal or another and it was suddenly one afternoon I decided to try it, possibly as a trial see how it goes and then maybe it’ll stick maybe it won’t.  I guess I’m figuring that if I don’t put too much pressure on myself I won’t feel bad if I fail at it.

Luckily I’m a big veg fan so it’s not a complete shock to the system.  I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised at the advice given on the internet.  I think I was expecting it to be once you had decided to change, it should be immediate and everything all together, but no they advice slowly changing the things you eat and drink, which yes makes total sense but I honestly wasn’t expecting that.  Saying that I pretty much have gone vegan eating wise, replacing my dairy and not having meat.  Granted it’s only been a weekend so far but hey pat on the back for me hehe.

So far I have been pleasantly surprised by the veg stew I made today, which as a huge beef stew fan didn’t think it would compare, but I was wrong.  It was lovely and just as satisfying and comforting, so much so I’m having the rest for my lunch at work tomorrow.

Soya milk in my tea too is not bad at all, I can taste the difference but I don’t mind it.

I was a little worried about cereal though, not the cereal itself but milk wise.  I thought I might not like soya milk with it.  I heard about Oatly, which is made of, shockingly oats, and thought if it tasted of oats it would compliment cereal better (see there is method in my madness).  They only had the chocolate version in the supermarket and I just really have to tell you it is fricking gorgeous!!!  I’m not a chocolate milk fan but I am now, just as a drink it’s yummy but also on the granola I had this morning it’s simply out of this world.  So I highly recommend!  (Of course some of you may be ‘d’oh’ at some of these comments, but I’m very new and this is all new to me🙂 )

Again a bit of a ‘d’oh’ comment but I always thought that going vegan would mean missing out on a tonne of things, looking into it though there is always some kind of replacement.  I can’t wait to try the baking recipes.  Seems like all the problems I heard vegans have with baked goods in years gone by, seriously it always seemed to be a big problem, seem to have been sorted in one way or another and I can get my baking buzz on!!

The only thing I’m kind of avoiding at the moment is tofu, lentils and chickpeas.  Mainly because I’ve always avoided bean based dishes as I’ve never been a fan of the ones I’ve tried, mainly the texture but I’m sure I’ll get round to trying them at some point.  Fortunately I have plenty of pasta, rice and veg options to play with so I don’t think I’ll get bored too soon.

I’m aware of all the faux meat products out there (yes I know some aren’t vegan friendly), but I’m trying out the replacing rather than imitating at the moment I think.

I understand why vegans tend to cook a lot and not use the convenience food stuff, basically it’s enjoyable and you know what’s in it.  You can also adapt any recipe to make it your own or just because that’s what you’ve got in, again I know you can do that as a meat eater but I was always less inclined.

Anyway first test passed with flying colours anyway.  The family cooked pork chops and it didn’t bother me at all, I’m still stuffed from my yummy veg stew. 🙂

I’m planning on beating any meat craving by looking at this ……..piglet

So anyway we’ll see how this pans out, if nothing else it’s an experience that should teach me something and that can never really be a bad thing can it?  (And no I’m not planning on being a smug one, each to their own I say🙂 )




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7 Responses to Vegan?? Really?????

  1. I’m on the same page as you … not really into the soy everything. I haven’t bought any tofu at all. But I do love lentils and chickpeas. And I make a lovely vegetable soup. It’s a simple recipe. I’ll put it on my blog soon. I’m enjoying the cooking process, thankfully, because it is more food prep, more shopping, etc. We also added juicing to our regiment. Loving it. Looking forward to more of your story.

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    • angelasenior says:

      Hi Patricia, Thanks for the comment. I did the juicing thing a bit ago even bought the bullet thing. That lasted for a bit hehe, hopefully I’ll start it again. I’ll look out for the recipes. I’m looking forward to scouring the whole food shops pretending I know what everything is 🙂
      Go Team Veg!!


  2. Vicky says:

    Well done Ang! Keep it up. 🙂

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  3. Congratulations! Going vegan is rather fun. I was vegetarian for a while because I didn’t think I could live without cheese. I was wrong. The best part of going vegan is hunting and experimenting for the best tasting substitutes for animal based food stuffs, and the biggest discovery is that what we are trying to substitute for wasn’t necessary in the first place. I’ve found some killer cheese recipes using cashews, tapioca flour and nutritional yeast. It’s very tasty and gooey, and goes into any ziti, pizza, or anything else requiring cheesy goop. The DIY nature of vegan is invigorating. Have fun and good luck.

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