Come on in …… but wipe your feet I’ve just vacuumed!

Welcome one and all.  Please feel free to look around.  I will be posting general thoughts about general things rattling around in my general head.  You’ll also find posts about my crafty creations,  I’m very new to a lot of these crafts but have been having a lot of fun trying them all out.

This is my little oasis, where I can express my thoughts freely and I hope that you feel you can too.  A place where the world outside can not exist for a bit and we can all just have fun and swap ideas.

You can navigate your way around with the menu on the left, please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions on the posts, it would be lovely to hear from you and hear what you think or advise.

If you would like to keep notified of any new posts feel free to follow me, err as in with the links above on the right, not in a stalker way, that might get weird.


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