In a World of Their Own

Mini GoldfishThis little fella came about as I was looking at these little bottles I had.  I’ve had them for a while but couldn’t think of what to do with them.  It was a bit of a challenge at first but I was very pleased with the result.  He dangles happily in his own little aquarium.  I took a picture holding it so you could see just how small it is.  Once I had finished him I wondered what else I could do.  I created a hot air balloon that also dangles freely, I stuck a bit of cotton wool on the inside of the bottle,In Their Own World hopefully to look like clouds.  The next idea that popped in my head was, probably naturally, a ship in a bottle.  I wanted to have it sitting on ‘water’ rather than just on the base of the bottle, so I played around with a bit of resin, putting bits of blue sweet wrapper in it instead of dying it blue.  I’m really pleased with how these came out.

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