Craft Therapy

Roving woolI tend to find it difficult to do crafting if I’m feeling annoyed.  Crafting definitely helps you take your mind off what ever is bothering you, but the problem is starting it off when you’re not feeling right.  Well look no further my friends because I have found the perfect one, although you still need to be gentle, but you can definitely take out a little frustration.  It’s called Needle Felting, and for those who haven’t heard of it(I’m not going to assume either way), you take roving wool, which is pictured above and is basically unspun wool, and stab the heck out of it with a barbed needle, so that it matts together.  You can also felt the wool with soap and water but where’s the fun in that!  You keep stabbing and shaping until you get what you want.  Now the careful side of it comes into it because the needle is fine and can break easily, it is also extremely sharp (trust me!!), but it is very satisfying.  There are some ridiculously talented people who needle felt pure works of art and I could only wish to ever be half that good, but in the meantime meet

Mr and Mrs Owl



and    Percy the Purple Penguin    Penguin

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2 Responses to Craft Therapy

  1. I’m very glad you’ve found something you can stab the heck out of without getting arrested. 🙂

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