So far so good … I think

studyWell here’s an update on the Uni front.  I’m 2 assignments down and so far so good.  I’ve been really pleased with the marks I received and the feedback was all pretty positive.  The problem I seem to be having at the moment is I keep leaving everything until the last-minute.  I’m sure I’m not the only one and to be honest the impending deadline give me the motivation I need to get it done.  Maybe that’s just my method and maybe as things get more complicated and in-depth I’ll figure out a better strategy.  Luckily everything right now is in the early learning stages, so instead of kicking myself and being negative about my lack of planning, which does nothing but put things off even more, I’m trying to see it as a part of the study skills set that I am learning.

On the plus side I am enjoying it and have really patted myself on the back for the marks and feedback I have received so far.  I was worried that when I got the marks back it would show that I didn’t belong and prove my inability to do this, but it has done the opposite!  I do realise that these are the beginning stages and at the minute the first couple of modules are just teaching us the skills we need to complete the degree.  If I really think about it, I’m doing a flipping good job.  I am meeting deadlines and understanding what I am reading and writing about.  If anyone asked me about my assignments I feel I could have an intelligent conversation about it, whist being confident about what I was speaking about.  I’m not simply regurgitating things I’ve read, I am forming my own opinions and thoughts on subjects I previously wouldn’t have even touched.

This is why I like the idea of writing this blog, at first I was feeling a bit over whelmed about the whole thing but now I feel pretty good about it and proud of myself.  So the moral of the story so far?  Don’t do things as others do them, find your own path and you’ll get there, you may take longer but it’s probably a more scenic route and making it is all that matters.  You can use others for inspiration and ideas but in the end you don’t have anyone to answer to yourself but you.  So why not give yourself a thumbs up the next time you see yourself in the mirror, because do you know what?  An honest thumbs up from you is the best feedback you can ever get 😉

Keep on truckin’ people 🙂

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