Krampus outed!!

santa krampus

I have recently been reminded of the old tradition of Krampus, thanks to my ridiculously talented friend, (check out
This demonic creature arrives at the beginning of December to punish naughty children. He trawls around the cities and drags off the naughty little brats off into a dark forest, I’ll leave whatever happens next to your imagination. Now to my theory, this maybe controversial but I still think valid. Has anyone seen Krampus and Santa Claus in the same room at the same time? Santa has a reputation for being a jolly old soul, who is always happy and loves kids. Think about this for a second. How would you like to live in the freezing cold all year round and the only time you make an appearance, you have kids constantly telling you what they want. I’ve never heard a child ask Santa how he’s feeling? What his hobbies are? Or even if he fancies popping round for a cuppa! As soon as they see him they reel off a list of stuff that they want. A few years ago this was fine, it was all wooden train sets and dolls. Can you even imagine how much education is needed to teach an elf to make an iPod? So my theory is that there is more demand for jobs at the North Pole. How on Earth do you fix that? You drag off naughty children, dress them up in a hat with bells and make them work at the North Pole. But how to do this and keep your hands clean? Invent Krampus!! I also think that it’s the one evening that Santa gets a bit of therapy. Thinking about Santa’s outfit, he’s usually covered up with the hat, suit and beard, take all that off and I think the demonic side is what he actually looks like. So Krampus night at the beginning of December is Santa’s one night that he gets to run rampant through the streets, picking up naughty children to make them work at the North Pole. So beware of your behaviour or you just may end up working in Santa’s Sweat Shop!!

(Oh and if Santa is reading this, so far this is a theory, if I suddenly ‘disappear’ it’ll become evidence – just saying)

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  1. Scary. I think you may be on to something… 🙂

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