Holy Moly – a blog?!?!

Well, well, check out me with my blog!!  Don’t even ask me why I wanted to start one, I’m not promoting anything, not trying to voice any particular opinion about anything, well I will be I’m sure but I’m not overly bothered about it being public, so why bother I hear you ask?

To be honest with an attitude like that I’m not sure I want to answer you!!

Oh go on then … I guess I’ve always been curious to try writing one but have always been a little be scared of the techy side of it.  Apparently though it’s as easy as tripping over a drunk squirrel in a park, so I should be fine!

As a first topic I want to discuss the differences between blog and social media.


I’m simply awful about updating my Facebook status, mainly because I hate those things.  I don’t ring up all my friends and tell them what I’m having for every meal so I really don’t understand why I need a photo of everyone elses.  Plus to be honest the social networking sites have one main flaw where I’m concerned, it’s a two-way street.  You share your feelings, photo’s and whatever picture you found on the internet that you thought was funny.  You then expect me to ‘like’ it all and if I don’t apparently I have broken some kind of law.  Now apparently we are ‘friends’, as we have ‘friended’ each other.  We haven’t actually had a conversation in the past 20 years and you request never came with a message asking how I was doing, it was just a request.  So it’s not so much a friend request, more like helping you get as many of these ‘friends’ as possible.

So what makes this different?  I have no idea but it just feel different I guess.

My plan for this site?  To rant really, a sort of diary, a pretence that people will read this and give a damn about my opinion or thoughts.

So if anyone is reading this then please feel free to join me on this little adventure and we’ll see how much trouble we can cause together.  Be sure to say Hi, as it would be nice to know who I can call for a witness in the bound to be upcoming trial.

Here goes nothing ………………….

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2 Responses to Holy Moly – a blog?!?!

  1. Ah, my crazy friend. At last you are sharing your genius / insanity with the world at large. 🙂

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